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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Doing a quick Google check shows that the word is getting used. Interesting. Perhaps one day, it will enter common usage. Turboblues, in my usage, is the name of a band in a set of stories I wrote back in 1987-1988. It was how people described the sound of that band. Like Maximum R&B, it’s also how I would describe The Who.

I came up with the name Turboblues back in 1987. At that time, I was writing a story called Eternal Sticks, which was about a high-school garage band that becomes huge. Like Rock history huge. Stones huge. The Who huge.

It’s one of those two synapses pass in the night sort of thing. I used to have a website called You can look it up, in fact, in the Internet Archive,

Turboblues is also the name of a book of poetry I published last year. Don’t look for it, I only had a handful of copies made, and they’re gone. I’ll be putting it out again with new material eventually.

Remember kids, it works if you work it.


A test of what, I don’t know.