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It’s approaching late October. Aaaaaannd back in Massachusetts,the leaves would either *have* changed or be ablout to change. the transition toward Winter would be a lot more obvious than it is here in Tucson. Here, it just gets cooler at night (not legitimately cold, of course, not yet anyway…). Looking outside right now, it looks about the same now as it did in March and in July.

That all being said, I do NOT miss the change of seasons. The coming cold and the leaves changing are not romantic to me. If anything they are sources of depression. Especially since we have no fall festival ingrained in the culture. Hallowe’en? Fuck you. Whatever interesting mysteries offered by Samhain have been stripped away by Christianity (love Jesus, HATE Christians). The rest have been blunted by our material culture. And even that is being eroded away by Political Correctness.

History will say, by the way, that the American Experiment creates a culture of babies and hand-wringing women. Thankyewww…

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