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So. I took the plunge last night and bought Leopard. Not *exactly* on opening day but close enough to be a drooling fanboy, I guess.

So everything is pretty well loaded up now and I am using it at Borders. woo hoo.

What do I think? (reminded of the Rock: IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!)

— I like the new Sidebar feature. I also like the translucent menu bar. I am a sucker for incremental interface improvements. It lets my pretty blossom wallpaper (heisted from a Japanese verson of Win95) shine through kinda.

— I don’t have a high-capacity hard drive to sacrifice the the Time Machine, so you’ll have to look to someone else for wisdom on that. It is probably the best operating system component ever devised. Free. Out of the box. As I transition into this machine more and more everyday, I will probably use it.

— The Downloads stack is pretty cool–mainly because I don’t have a lot of clutter to deal with. I thought the fellow in the Leopard tour was a bit smarmy about clean desktops, but then, he looked a bit put-together to me anyhow.

— The animations in the Dock can be toned down nicely now, which wasn’t the case in earlier versions, that I could tell. If I want the stupid magnification effect turned off on the Dock, I can, and still be greeted with the application names so I know what I am hitting.

— UNIX compliancy isn’t going to change my world, since most places I’ve worked weren’t enlightened enough to use anything but Microsoft technology for their servers. However, the fact that Leopard *is* actually UNIX compliant (or POSIX, whatever) is good. Very good.

— The last couple times I attempted restart, it didn’t. It just sat there. I had to hit the power button. Meh–I restarted maybe once every other week with Tiger, once it was set up.

Offhand though, I still had to load Camino, as Safari still doesn’t do all the nifty things that any Mozilla browser can.

GO SOX GO! I love you Tammy.


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