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Well, I changed location–took a while, since I am on the bus–and figured I’d look up other users’ experiences with 10.5. Seems that a number of people have had issues with the initial blue screening after doing an upgrade. I didn’t have that problem, though that was because I chose to wipe my system entirely and start again. This has always been my preferred method of OS upgrade, and once again, easy with the Mac. It helps, I am sure, that I’ve not had this computer long enough to overworry about stuff on it, and have tried to be good about offline storage, online storage and redundancy. I had two portable hard drives die on me in a short span–I forgot about the inherent unreliability of laptop hard drives–and so I use a (hopefully) more robust solution. As I mentioned before, TimeMachine has the potential to be the coolest OS component since, say QuickTime–before the goofy brushed metal interface.

I am at Bookmans on Speedway at the moment, and have a straight-on view to the Porno armoire. There is a guy a-peeking in there. the word for the day is *queasy.* This is the feeling I have about the idea of looking in that chest of sin at cast-aside fapping material. Ugh.


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