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After my last post, I made my way back into town, stopping at Starbuck’s near the Apple Store. Then I meandered to Taco Bell on Speedway and Campbell to grab the wireless at the Bruegger’s across the street, then to the Safehouse (better Chai than Starbuck’s).

Why did I do all this? What the fuck. Bored.

Sewwwwww, I am at Kinko’s taking further advantage of my TMobile account, listening to Jerry Doyle and eventually heading home. There to move over the surviving files from Houston and, well, to think.

My love for this Mac grows daily. I am realistic–it’s a thing, it’s a complex piece of machinery, blaaah. It has XCode.

Yes. A free set of programming tools. Of course, my programming experience is limited to Visual Basic–a fully Microsoft-centric language not represented in XCode. I want to learn programming on the Mac, so I am racking my brain for things to write about. As it was with VB, I needed a problem to solve: converting a DOC file to XML, automating Photoshop to convert a variety of files to JPEGs according to a certain spec. Nothing’s come yet.

Where are you Tammy? Are you OK? I still love you.

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