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Today, November 5, 2007, I said goodbye to an old friend.

I decided to sell my Dell Inspiron 8200, bought new in April, 2002, and thus close a long chapter in my life.

This laptop went with me cross-country no less than four times, sat in the passenger’s seat of my old Toyota for GPS mapping (and as the biggest Rio on Earth). It was my entree into WiFi, into online movies, all sorts of things.

At the time I bought that PC, I was shifting from Macintosh to PC. Two months ago, I made the big shift back. Open-source has really become the key to my embracing the Mac once again. Just as the preponderance of PC software in my possession made the last shift necessary.

I called it Houston because it was signed by the adult star of the same name. I will miss you. My shoulder won’t though–you were a heavy brute.

As I write this, I am sitting in front of the Apple Store on swanky Skyline. At left is one of the pics I took after getting out of the car a few minutes ago.

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