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No shit!

I decided I wanted to put up a web page (again) to use as a staging area for my old content from which used to be hosted on Earthlink waaaayyyy back when. Much love to the Internet Archive for saving these in something resembling their original configuration.

Since there were (and are) things that never saw the light of day on those sites but were FTP’d up there all the same for experimental or storage reasons, They won’t be easily covered by the Wayback Machine. In most cases, I still have copies of these files. I’ve lost a lot though: I wish I could unearth the original Sheena’s Poetry Slam from Geocities, or the white Turboblues Unlimited page–if only to see my rabid Mac-centric self again for a while. Such a proud little coder was I…

Which leads me to my new web page, currently under construction. A lot has happened in the last six years since coding HTML was relevant for me. I can do it–HTML 3.0–but it’s boring… So, in the spirit of giving myself over to the great Googlenaut, I started in with Google’s Page Creator.


If the creator of the the original Turboblues website caught wind of that, he’d break an SE/30 over my bald head. But I am all about getting the damned thing done, not fiddle-fucking around with HTML tables. I am so done with that–unless I’m being hired to do it of course (way to do yourself a favor bro…).

Google’s Page Creator is an online WYSIWYG page builder, like a lot of free services have around. It’s actually quite user-friendly if you’ve never typed a break tag in your life. If you have, oh it’ll piss you off. There are a series of templates which, while attractive in a non-specific way, are someone else’s idea of tasteful design. Not mine.

I guess I shouldn’t bitch. I mean, I have things all set up to publish to the web in a more traditional way. This is the price for being lazy…

Happy Birthday Tammy. I love you.


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