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On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month…

It was 89 years ago today that the Great War ended. The first example of exactly how brutal the so-called “civilized world” could be. In fact you can thank the shame of the victors on that day for the bigger horrors visited upon us all in 1939. If the Allies hadn’t punished Germany like they did for starting the war (like Germany had a choice, in her view), Hitler would have been another asshole artist hanging around the kaffehaus kvetching.

Aaah, ancient history perhaps, but we live with the consequences of November 11, 1918 to this very day, almost a hundred years later.

This morning I am on a mission. During the previous two-and-a-half hours I was on a different mission, waiting for my girlfriend to call. You know, a scant twenty-four hours earlier, she and I were together. I was driving her to look at this wonderful pace called Desert House of Prayer,
which is this wonderful retreat not that far from I-10 and Ina road.

It was beautiful. She was beautiful. The moment was beautiful!

Now, of course, it’s back to business as usual. Where did she dissappear to this time? Or, is she not taking my calls? As I said in an earlier post, I must be ready for her not being around. I have to not be so fucking needy! It’s almost a certainty she’s with the hippies. It seems they get more time with my girlfriend than I do. (stop that John!)

Well, in an effort to be as good to myself as possible in times like these, and avoid the pitfalls that can send me into depression and worse in times like these, I came up with an idea.

My regret yesterday was that I didn’t have camera in hand to photograph the manifestation of God which was all around us. Well, this time I have a camera. And it’s kind of a nice one. It’s an Aiptek, an example of low-cost implementations of new technology. Specifically, a cheap H.264 camcorder. Hi-Def. Save your oohs and aaahs please. I’ll let you know how it does in daylight. its nighttime capabilities are surprisingly good. And, it’s Mac-ready, which I like. I’ll post some videos from my upcoming sojourn, if any are worthy.

More later…


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