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Sunday morning. No traffic, people out jogging, clutching coffee cups like they contained salvation, the cure or their fortune. And likely they do.

I am at Bruegger’s on Broadway and Alvernon and at the register: The loveliest young girl I’ve seen in years. Shiny fresh face, beautiful smile, no pores.

Disgustingly pretty. I can’t stop looking. But I do. I am transfixed but not an ass.

The morning was not as enchantingly beautiful as yesterday but I still grabbed pics of what I could. It’s frankly not as much fun as being with Tammy and seeing it with her. I do wonder if she actually did have fun. It seemed like maybe I was having more fun yesteday than she was. I don’t know. I do know she’s not answering the phone. At all. I obsess, but I refuse to worry.

Anyway, I am uploading all the pictures. Even the outtakes. I’ve just picked up 40 GB from Google, so dammit I’m using all of it while I can.

Saguaro National Park is, to slightly paraphrase Tammy, where God is. Indeed, if God is anywhere, God is there.

Which may explain in part or in whole why the moment is only enchanting with someone you love. Why the camera, though capable of capturing the light at a given moment, only captures that light. God cannot observe God through a machine. God can only observe God through the lenses God has developed for the task and with the processor at hand, not the CCD or the CPU. Because a place has placeness that cannot be captured adequately except by and in the context we bring to it.

Here are the pics I’ve taken for your perusal. I’ve included everything–even the blurred and the multiple takes. I can afford it.


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