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…I hope I can finally figure out why it is I do the things I do.

You know, when you do things you know are wrong, wrongheaded and simply destructive. What’s worse, you do them without realizing you did it. And then you’re left afterward with the bitter aftertaste of “What the fuck was I thinking?”

In other news, I got my first birthday card for lucky 39. The CEO of Captaris, where I work, hand-writes birthday cards to employees. Very sweet. He also sends holiday greetings late in the afternoon. John Ambrose, God bless him, would at least send them out before the holiday. Aaah. Who’s to say what goes through the heads of CEOs?

I am almost finished with Turboblues, my book of poetry. Technically, it’s done. I stopped adding material to it months ago and have it published by the fine folks at Lulu., search for “turboblues” and there it will be.

I have yet to add a bio, acknowledgements, ISBN, all the things that would make it ready for retail. Then, you should be able to order it through Amazon as well. In any case, I ordered four copies of the book as it is now. This way I can look it over and have some copies to hand out to Mom, Katy and Dad. Once it’s where it should be for proper distribution I will post it here and beg everyone I know to buy my frickin’ book.

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