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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Maybe it’s the TSA assholes. Maybe it’s the fact I had to almost strip down to get through the stupid metal detector (mental note: find a plastic belt.)

Cuz some guy came up to me asking about the WiFi service here and I snapped at him. Gaaah! Sorry dude.


But I don’t like you. You hurt.

This is goodbye. It has to be.

You can sleep the sleep of the just now. You didn’t have to pull the pin. I did the dirty work for you.

We said we would try again. I left the past behind the best I could. You could not. And I am tired of having to fight for the scraps of attention.

Goodbye. Your world may crumble around you, or whatever. I doubt it. I really do.

I am tired of you. I am tired of restless nights wanting to hold you and getting nothing but no sleep. I am tired of being alone when supposedly I have a girlfriend.

I am tired of dreaming of us together forever, and realizing it’s a dream that’s going nowhere near reality. I am tired of missing you. I am tired of being too sad about this dead dream that I couldn’t enjoy the moments I had with you.

Funny thing is, you really don’t want me, even though you say you do. If you did, frankly, you would try harder.