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I have a new blog up where I will be putting some old stuff.

How old?

There was a definite beginning to my writing poetry. I took a creative writing class when I was a Junior in High School ad that was where it all started. Some of those will be there. They’re rough. Whew!

I am putting these up mainly because they lack a home in either of my books. And, there is historic value. Not to you, no. To me, yes. Very much so. These pages, some brown with time (not the material), are one of a kind and once lost are gone forever. I might actually have a family someday (unlikely sure, but fuck you for thinking I can’t) and want to have these where they can be seen.

There are a couple of old pieces I’d frankly forgot about that I think deserve to see the light of day. One is called The Bottle. The other, one of those originals, is called Memories. No need to waste ink on them though, that’s what the web is for!

The basement tapes are here. Let me know what you think.


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