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Today I took a trip up to the Apple Store. Not the first time I’ve journeyed into this rarefied realm of the overly pretty and slightly gay, where Federal Reserve notes are looked at askance, as are their bearers. The people there are not geeks–oh no, I’d know a geek most anywhere. These are young, neat, pretty people who wouldn’t know sudo from a resource fork (hint: one is part of the UNIX core of the Mac OS and the other is a piece of history as far as Macs go), and as such are not those I would trust. Sorry, but that’s how it is.

I picked up a skin for my iPod Touch (which is truly dope in every positive and addictive sense of the word), as well as a new set of headphones–clip-ons in this case. That is the closest compromise I can make between the earbuds that come with all iPods, which actually make my ears hurt, and the folding headphones I was using for the last nine months. Those were nice but bulky as hell–inexcusably bulky.

I also picked up a car adapter for this beast because for all its awesomeness it eats battery power with a dash of salt and garnish. Not as bad as my old Nano, mind you, but then this Touch is a lot more like a PDA than a mere MP3 player, so much more is demanded of it.

Anyway, the sales guy, trying to be helpful, noticed the adapter and pointed out a slightly more expensive but more comprehensive adapter that plugged into the iPod’s socket instead of the headphone jack, thus giving better sound.

While this sounded like a great product, I told the guy that I couldn’t use it because my tape deck doesn’t have the all-important line-in jack that would make such a contraption worthwhile. Thus, I use a cassette adapter for the sound end.

I am not sure which part of that contributed to the blank expression on his face, but the combination of non-comprehension, disdain and askance in his expression says rather succinctly why I dislike the Apple Store, though I dearly love Macintoshes of all ages and sizes. Sometime I might actually write some entries about my Macs. Unlike PCs, Macs are more personal, more individual. As such, each one has a story–even if it’s a couple paragraphs.

Well, it being the weekend, I might actually do this. Hmmm…

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  1. A couple of years ago, Radio Shack’s add campaign involved the tag-line: “You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers”. During one particularly frustrating and fruitless visit, a friend of my son’s was overheard to say: “Radio Shack: You’ve got questions, we’ve got blank stares.”

    Sounds as though this could apply to the Apple Store … and others.

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