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This camera does not do ths sunrise justice...

This camera does not do this sunrise justice...

The sunrise this morning was gorgeous against the mountainside, making the sharper contours glisten goldenly and subduing the lesser lines in turn.

In the absence of a specific “valentine” with whom to exchange simple paper platitudes, I send this out to the non-specific other half of this equation.

You. Yes, you. The yin to my yang. Good ol’ duality.

I need you because without you there is no me. I am diffuse, non-specific, without your delineation. I am chaos without your order, and yet only free within your structure.

And you too need me to be free, as I need you to be whole, one soul.

We are the way, the truth and the light, but only together can this be the case.

Do you understand? This is my valentine to you.


  1. You have been busy. I thought I clicked onto someone else’s blog!!

    Friday the thirteenth, followed by Valentines. There’s a message in there somewhere bu I can’t decipher it. Valentines Day is for me one of the saddest “holidays”, but I find it interesting to see how many folks online allude to it – and how. You’re the most original, so far!

  2. Original, indeed. And more sincere than most paper platitudes.

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