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Still at the gas station near the open connection. I just filled the tank and noticed some things.

One, a lot of people here on the slow side. Now I am not, how you say, quick myself, especially after two nights on beds of various comfort. But I refuse to let my jaw sit slack no matter what state I find myself in.

These people around 44th St & McDowell suffer under no such illusions, apparently. Best part was the big-haired donna with the white Mustang smoking a butt while I pumped gas nearby and well within her sight. She drove off with her gas cap open too.

As I tappity-tap this, I am not sure which symbolizes the state of things here best: The slack-jawed slouching for their 10 AM beer or the dumb bitch smoking a butt at the gas station.

I’m banking it’s the dummy watching all this and bemusedly tapping it all onto his precious little iPod Touch.

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  1. I take it that you are traveling? (I catch on quick, too, don’t I?)

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