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Yesterday I was talking to Blake, a fellow of my acquaintance, who had an idea for a new sort of poetry. The idea was to render your idea in under 160 characters. Not words, characters. Thus the piece can be transmitted by SMS. Some SMS systems are limited to fewer than 160 characters, so brevity is essential.

Since creativity is best induced by limitation–think of the wonders that early programmers accomplished in under 640 kilobytes of data, or of the manifold wonders found in haiku’s strictures–this seems an interesting way to convey ideas. Of course, the strict character limitation means that horrid compromises in expression get made–u instead of you, 2 instead of to, your own adventures in texting can provide more ick I’m sure. Nonetheless, here is my first attempt at this. I counted it as 127 characters using a short Applescript counter.

Lonely. Hungry.
Touch, taste, to sample and be sampled too.
Lick, kiss, caress, satiate, slake mutual endless hunger thirst.

To paraphrase Hitchens, this might rate a footnote in the annals of meh, but I’ve been suffering a little tactile hunger of late, and this provides a nice convergence of ideas. Not to mention the parade of luscious female form that’s passed my wan, lonesome eye today alone, let alone the past several days…

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