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The old beatnik cliches are true, you know. So I ain’t breaking new ground here. Nothing new there either. But I digress…

We are all trained from birth to produce and consume by assholes a whole lot more cynical than you’d think. The notion that something outside ourselves will bring us joy or salvation or the answer to Everything (42) is inculated into us from birth. “Give Bobby the toy, he’ll play,” or “If I get that [whatever], it’ll be sweet!” Meaning, of course, I’ll stop thinking about the empty inside, shut up and take another call/order/meeting.

The Beats were right. Ticky-tacky.

So, where’d this rant come from? Well, I happened through Borders Books this morning, as I usually do because, well, baaah. Fuck you.

Anyhoo, I looked through the religious book section, which I do with no little fascination, and wondered as I do at the myriad of ways the shit’s repackaged.

Various cults of personality like Joel Osteen and wife and their similar 3/4 profile denoting the correct amount of sincerity and white teeth. Also books from black personalities packaging Personal Bible Power and Promise with outstretched arms, cornrows and intense eyes.

I get the idea that all these folks are trying to deliver a message that is lost in translation, apparently. I’ve gone on at length about that bull so I’ll leave that there. Read the older entries for that…

Here’s the thing. At the same time these good people are sending out their various takes on the same creaky cross crap, there is another more insidious thing being transmitted by all this. That is that all your answers are in books. Not the answers to 1776 and 1701 and why both are important, of course those are in books, like all dead dry things. Can’t recommend Krishnamurti enough to you all.

The answers to everything are in these little colorful non-pareils with pretty covers and witty angles about how cool church can be, and how rad Jesus is and all that. Or how you too can fit the tao into your busy day.

To quote several favorite comics and other commentators, Fuck!

The Answer, the real one that sends us to church, or drugs, or other meaningless pursuits, is not in a book. Not even in a library or the whole internet. Anyone who tells you they have it may be right or full of shit. Or both.

Blowin’ in the wind? In a manner of speaking, yes. In the Great Outdoors? Probably not, at least not how you might think.

I don’t have the answer. At least not so’s I could tell you. The way that can be described is not the true way.

Ain’t that a bitch? It ain’t on your phone or your iPod either. But it’s right there, I tell you. Right in front of you.


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  1. Anyone who is absolutely positive of knowing a thing, is not to be trusted.

    Rant on…

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