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I started the day sad but end the day a bit happier. I put in the last piece for Roadside Truckstop and ordered two copies from Lulu. There are still a few more steps to go, mainly to figure out what I do with this book from here. First though, I just want to see and feel the book, make sure the cover was a good choice, see how it flows from page to page.

I found a piece I wrote almost two years ago now. Dropped it into the manuscript as the last piece of the puzzle, not the last piece in the book. The last two pieces in the book were pre-determined when I assembled the first draft back in January. Roadside Truckstop always ends with a song called “Elephant Graveyard” (that goes back to 1988 when I first wrote the original pieces) and the book ends with a very short Last Word.

The last piece of the puzzle is another one of those poems that came floating up fully-formed from the depths. I called it My Prayer, and felt it didn’t fit in Turboblues. Given the mood of all the newer material in Roadside Truckstop, it seemed appropriate to include there. And here. Love to you all.

My sweet Lord,
My True Self.
I love you.

Please help me
Get me
Out of your way
As you embrace
The me
Inside you
Inside me.

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