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I hate this feeling. I did it to myself yet again!

No one’s fault but mine, no one’s pieces to pick up but mine. This time I am not wallowing in sadness. I am pissed off at myself for letting this happen. A-gain.

A good night’s sleep will help. Nothing like sleep to level the head. And apparently this head is a little pin-like.

Sorry for the display. Read this quick, it probably won’t stay up for long. I needed to vent my emotion somewhere and here it is, dear reader. Sorry too for the vagueness. If you know me, and if you’ve read this blog thoroughly, you can pretty much guess what stupidity of which I bespeak.

Yeah, this won’t stay up long. Just mad at myself kids, and ranting here is narcissistic, sure. But fuck you. This is my blog. What else am I going to do? Post another poem?

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