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Monthly Archives: May 2009

A couple of months back, a very nice lady who paints and posts on Blogger about her painting and other creative pursuits nominated me for something called Premia Dardos, which is to spotlight certain blogs that are truly worth reading.

Well, I had a hard time coming up with some at that time, mainly because I hadn’t thought it all through. There are all sorts of websites I go to everyday to check stuff out. Only a few of them are blogs of some sort. Metafilter is an old and long-time favorite of mine. It lists itself as a “Community Weblog” so it qualifies as a blog in the oldest sense of the word. This is one I go to every day. I always learn something new there.

Another blog I look to and watch RSS feeds for is Church of the Churchless, run by Brian Hines. I can’t remember quite how I ran into this blog the first time, either doing a Google search or possibly as a link from Metafilter, who knows? His views are fascinating, and interesting as he comes to much the same place I am in terms of spirituality starting from a completely different path, that of Ratma Soami Satsang Beas. He’s relentlessly honest about his path and comes across the most amazing books in his travels.

Like I say, I’ve got a short list of blogs I look at every day. One that I’m adding to that list is one whose podcast I’ve started listening to intently, Reasonable Doubts (or as I call it, “reasonable doots,” because of the accents these fellows have). As time has gone on and I’ve considered my positions on things, which change as all opinons should due to new and compelling evidence, my take on religion and its adherents has gone from believing them guilty of mere hamartia to believing them deluded like the kooks you meet riding Tucson’s SunTran: All are somewhat well -meaning, though some are benign and some are dangerous in their thick-headedness. Their focus is on counter-apologetics. The link I placed in the last sentence is to their letter to believers, which provides a good and concise description of their site.

The tack that Christian Fundamentalists take lately is to make you believe that children need to hear “all sides” and make a decision on what they think is right as far as what they’re taught in school. My Biology teacher in high school basically went through the motions of that by saying, “OK, so some people think the earth was created in six days, Adam and Eve, all that stuff. OK? Anyone want me to go further with that?” His tone (rightfully) was, “please don’t waste our time by saying yes. Go talk to your priest.” In fact I think he even said, take it up with a priest.

In case you haven’t followed along, my thinking is that Science is what school is for, to teach kids how to think, not what to think. Leave it to the parents to fill their kids’ heads with that Jesus-sheep dreck. Not the teachers. We can go on about the fact this is a secular country built on a secular Constitution, but why belabor that fact here? In any case, this is also some of what Jeremy Beahan, Luke Galen and David Fletcher talk about each week. Plus, the podcast is perfect for the drive to work or whatever straps the ol’ iPod to your skull.

As I come up with more sites to love and show off to the class, I will.


Today was Pete Townshend’s 64th birthday. Happy Birthday to one of my heroes….

Trees can tree,
Bees can bee,
And I can be too
If I can only be
Out of my own way.