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Monthly Archives: June 2010

How much of this
Great Matter,
Feeling universal
In import,
Was simply
Chemical patina
Over ordinary objects
In motion?

You swear
That of all
The liars you know,
You’d be
The least deceitful,
The most

But the rush
Was too much
The need too great,

You saw the woman,
You swear,
But damned
If she was too
Too ideal
To be real.


So I’d heard about Moleskine cover mods for Kindle and iPad via They’d included a link to this cover, so I clicked it to see what the deal was.

The integrated notepad was a nice touch, it seemed. I’d actually spent the prior few days bemoaning the fact that the Kindle has a keyboard but no simple text app. There are hacks out there sure, but it just seemed silly not having this capacity. Still does, by the way. Anyway, including a nice notepad was one way to resolve this dilemma.

And Hoo! It was on the left side. I am left-handed, so I was hooked. Bought it. Boom. It just arrived tonight via FedEx so I sat down to open the package.

Remeber, Kindle owners, how much of a presentation opening the Kindle box was? The big reveal, how well put together the presentation was, the little touches? Well it’s the same here. Inside the FedEx box was another 6 x 10 box with a black ink band about the middle around the box reminiscent of the Moleskine notebooks themselves. “Kindle Cover + 2 Volant Notebooks,” then to the left of that a drawing of the open cover with Kindle and notepad, and below that, “Limited edition for Amazon Kindle.”

Open this, and there is the cover wrapped in black crepe paper bound by a black sticker that says “Kindle Cover.” Unwrap this, and there is the cover itself with the notepads inside.

Lovely presentation.

First thing I noticed, the smell. I have an M-Edge cover I’ve used since January, and it took about a month before the chemical smell went away from that fella. This, however, has a nicer smell to it. Moreover, the smell doesn’t permeate your hands like with the M-Edge. The interior is cream-colored, like a chamois. The Kindle is held in by four elastic bands that were a bit of a struggle to get on.

The Volant notepads have black covers and off-white pages. Almost too nice to doodle or rough-draft upon. But, this is the purpose of these pads, to be used. Once the pad is slid into the pocket on the left there is room to clip a pen into the pocket. A loop for a pen sewn along the inside spine might be better in the long run.

As with the Moleskine notebooks there is an elastic band on the outside meant to hold the cover shut, which is good especially with the notepad flopping around. Yeah, the notepad does not have a rigid back to it so it sags, especially if you have the cover folded over for one-hand use, as I always did with the M-Edge. A workaround I will try is to use the elastic to help keep the notepad in place. We shall see…

Overall, my first impression is a very good one. The price is comparable to the Amazon and M-Edge covers, the presentation was lovely, and having a notepad with the Kindle is good if you need to jot down ideas, swatches of interesting text that bomb through your head (this happens to me you see…) or whatever. One of the other Amazon reviews talks about having difficulty finding replacement notepads. That’s as may be, and we’ll see what happens at that time. I may have to darken the door of a bookstore that carries Moleskines to see what’s what, or search online. These notepads are wider than traditional reporter notepads, and are not spiral-bound like all the ones I’ve had. The lack of a rigid back is disconcerting, though I might just try sliding a piece of cardboard into the pocket in front of the back cover to see how that does.

I still give this five stars, even with the very few downsides I see. Short of making something of your own this is a great cover for the money. Plus if you’re a lefty you really ought to just *get* this, if only for the fact that it’s something set up ideally for us.