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That’s been the name of this latest project of mine, and it appears it will remain so unless a better title materializes.

In essence, it’s me trying to express the sense of wonder that the universe contains, and how very close it is to all of us every day. Plus I get to reconcile that mystic sense of wonder and interconnectedness with the mental phenomenon it really is. Ain’t nothing supernatural here babies. Super and Natural, but nothing that can’t be explained by simple chemistry and physics.

All of chemistry happens along the electron shells. That little tidbit I picked up years ago in my various readings. So what that means is that everything of consequence around us, everything to which we attach labels in order to lessen the confusion, it’s all just agglomerations of atoms of various sizes joined by their electrons. No design to it, it’s all just how shit falls together.

Except for the shit we design deliberately of course.

Anyway, that’s that. Last night’s drive home from town was a hell-ride. About as bad as I’ve seen it. Houghton, the road I take out of town, becomes awash with rivers and rapids of water this time of year. Just crazy.

Also, I have never been so alone among people as I have been here in Tucson. No one am I really close to, and it seems no one wants to be close to me. Forgive the poor-pitiful-me, but I wanted to get this out without it devolving into self-defensive contempt. Which is what I feel right now. And any equanimity I can generate is what I’d rather feel.

So there you have it.

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  1. There is a lot to be said for finding a strong sense of “home” wherever that might be for the individual. And home is, of course, more about people than geography.

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