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This is the story
In all its glory
Of a long-lost boy
And the love of his life.

I would have killed gladly–
I died a thousand deaths
To be sure–
For your touch,
For your kiss,
For your consideration.

Fortunate boy won the greatest gift.
Foolish boy missed the point.

The embrace would come,
That summit reached,
Long after our love was secure.
Long after it was understood
And inviolate.
Brief respite, small kindness
Between friends,
Between soulmates.
The word is threadbare, yes.
But I tell you it tells me
Who we are to us.
For we are two entwined,
Too much made from one another
To be considered separately
Though separate we are.
This love lives a life all its own.

Just another I Love You,
Collect the entire series,
From the long-lost boy
To the love of his life.


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