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When the time is right
I want to see you full of fire,
Full of love and explosive passion.
I want to see you sweat and strain,
And god damn to the world outside,
This is ours and ours alone
When the time is right.

No walls, no pretense, no shame.
Just two people as they are,
As they were born,
Lost in each other,
Lost in love,
Lost in paradise.

This world awaits us both,
My love, my wish embodied.
You are the one, the final one,
The alpha and omega of my life.

Kiss me once, again and on again,
Hold me and heal me as only you can.
If I should cry, if I should weep a bit,
I know you know it is in love and joy.

The one person
With whom I can stop being me, my love,
Is you.


One Comment

  1. Brilliant, John. One of your best.

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