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Explain this if you will.
Understanding things
In their manifold labels,
You only end up with
So many labeled things.

None of this is
What you may say it is.
That chair over there is either
A lovely Shaker creation,
Or specially shaved wood,
Or carbonhydrogenoxygen
All the same either way.

Did you know
Carbon is just three
Helium nuclei
Scrunched together
Under tremendous heat and pressure?
One little hydrogen falls in
Gives you some nitrogen.
Push together four element twos,
And you get oxygen.
Stars make this stuff all the time,
And fill the universe with their handiwork
When they burn out and finish with their shining.

That’s all this all is.
Carl Sagan said it so long ago,
But you were too busy to hear.
Starstuff you, starstuff me.
Fragile collections of star’s stuff
That think and feel and wish and kill
Because in mystic heart and god-stuffed mind
They forget what they really are.
Forget how really rare this all is.
Distract their days with empty afterlife promises
And cheap delusions of heaven-choked grandeur.

Knows in the end
It’s all a likely story,
A lovely allegory,
But unless it cleaves close to scientific fact,
It’s just not where it’s all at.

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