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I was broken when I moved here to the desert. I realize now how true that was, and yet how false. Sooo, having said that, here is something from my new book, Adventures in Ordinary Time. Yes, you should click that link and get the book. It’s really pretty.

And Welcome to all my new friends from the Thursday Poets Rally. Love to you all.

Drip drip drop–
Sweat trickles
From the reddening head
To the baking rocks
At my aching feet.

This desert, 
Killing floor for
Hidden hypocrisies,
Strips the drippings
Of dilution,
Boils off the water
Into the thirsty air.

Stumble and fall and
Scuff the skin again,
Oblivious to the oozing blood
Flaked and flailed
Into the whipping wind.
The shimmering air
Toys with the simmering brain
Stewing and steeping in its juices.

So many things you think you see,
So many answers dance after second glance.

Certainties are for children and fools.

This dissipation from willing participation
In how many vices brought you to this place?

There is only death here.
But certainties are for children and fools.



  1. true,

    kids and fools see things fixed,
    we see things dynamic…

    brilliant piece.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy Rally,

    for first time participants, you may have no idea who is who, commenting as many as you can, if you hit all participants, you make more friends and get yourself or your work the most exposures…

    no obligation any way, good luck!
    Glad to have you share your talent.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. “So many things you think you see”–is life a mirage? Could be…

    Strong emotion felt here. Thanks for sharing.


  4. “But certainties are for children and fools.” So true…even the concretes in our lives can change or reverse at the drop of a hat. Powerful words, emotional statements–an all around potent piece. Great contribution to the rally!

  5. Love the image of the shimmering air toying with the simmering brain and the scuffed skin. You can really feel the heat coming from the words!

  6. I really liked your poem is was very vivid and bright.
    Thank you


    how r u?
    Letting you know Poets Rally week 32 is on,
    Drop me your entry if you wish to be part of it.
    Thanks a lot,
    Happy November!

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