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Some lovely something I read earlier just resonated with me, so this is my response. My token, if you will.

Isn’t that just the way?
Small tokens of affection
Freighted with the weight
Of a moment.
Small gestures between lovers
So fraught with profundity
It’s really not funny.

At least no one is laughing
In the right places.

At least maybe babies and animals get it right
Though they can’t articulate it so we’d know,
And the articulation is so much the problem.

Words words words!
I gotta million of ’em!
Pretty beads strung on a string,
Weighted like a precision trap
On a Rube Goldberg contraption.

Read it! Really read it!

Don’t you see with these words
What you mean to me?



  1. And sometimes words are not enough.

    Love the poem!

    • You are correct. They are nonpareils nonpareil. Sweet, but just scribbles without some real demonstration. ‘All blow and no show’ as the saying goes.

  2. fabulous!

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