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A thank you to Jingle and to the people–artists and artisans of phrase–who have perused my poems. Please feel free to browse the site. The theme of the Monday Potluck (click Jingle’s link!) is an old fave of mine…

Love is chemical
So they say,
So they swear,
So it is.

Is it so

To be sure,
We are victims
Of our own biology.
Infused with oceans
Of oxytocin,
Coloring all thought,
Even logic itself,
In philters of
Love as addiction,
Coupling as the fix.

Suffused with emotion,
Induced into the sacred space,
It is the key and the lock
Which no rational thought can turn,
But which opens in the realm
Beyond and before intellectual artifice.

It’s what makes female
Become mother
Through profound personal pain.
Bio logos,
Helpless angel,
Tabula rasa.
Pure meaning of life.

But love, love love love,
Is so much more,
Say the sonnets and the wordsmiths
And the vagabonds of poesy.

In the end, it is
What we say it is,
Whatever that is.
You know if you really mean it,
If you are honest with your Self.



  1. wow!

  2. It comes without thought, yet overflowing. Nice piece.

  3. So full of imagery and very well constructed, I love the ending…so full of truth and meaning. Thanks for sharing.xx

  4. this is electrical love,
    heartfelt words…


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