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Do you realize
How very rare you are
In the history of the universe?

Even if history rewound and replayed,
You would not come out like you are.
You may not show at all.

Exceedingly rare–
More precious than the brightest gem–
Is the you that came to me
After all the days of your life
Thus far.

Which is one of the many reasons
I love you as much as I do,
Why it is I choose you,
Why it is I treasure you
More than my own life.
Why this moment is so perfect
My dearest darling rarest love.
I could never trifle with you,
Could never take for granted
Who and how you are.

I am yours
For as long as you would have me.
For there is no me without you.
None worth having anyway.




    please try to link in your entries yourself…

    click on the link above to see the button of linkz…copy and paste your poem pink to the box….following directions, good luck.

  2. sign in to follow our blog if possible…

    this love piece is rare as well,
    precious love story,
    well done.

  3. no me without you is nice..

  4. What a pep talk! Very nice Potluck entry!

  5. Nice 1 pal ..
    Take a look at my poetry
    (Selected for Potluck)
    (Selected for Week 31 Poet Rally)

  6. a rare piece of poetry for sure! :) loved the way you’ve woven the words!

    My Potluck Is Here

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