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So anyway, the big-ish news this last week has been the CR-48 Chrome OS laptop. Google had (and still has) a sign-in program where you can sign up to be considered for their pilot of the Chrome OS. This little black laptop is bare-bones (a proof of concept basically), but it is a cutie patootie, reminding me of my MacBook, er, which is not mine at the moment. Ahem.

Anyhoo, yours truly wants at this golden ticket something fierce. Not the least because I don’t have an actual primary computer at this time. But also because I want to try this OS out, and really really get into a web-based existence. They had a little contest today I found out about at lunch. So I entered the following screed by typing it into my iPhone.

Google, goddammit, I want one of these machines. I pecked this in with my own fat fingers using my iPhone. MY IPHONE FER CRISSAKES! I’m your man! Come on!!

Anyway, read and enjoy.

The web has promised platform neutrality since the coming of Java in the mid nineties. Since then we have seen this convergence in fits and starts with ground-up movements like mp3’s displacement of physical media for music–assisted by the development of the iPod but succeeding in spite of that device and its limitations.

The web has developed quickly from a curiosity to a source of entertainment and learning to someplace where everyday work can get done, without your hardware getting in the way (unless you’re mashing your fingers into an iPhone virtual keyboard!).

We have also seen examples of “server-side computing,” and its strong advantages and disadvantages. However, the greatest promise of this concept is now manifest in the Chrome OS from Google and its centering on the web and a browser as the focus.

Hardware can finally be irrelevant, as it was supposed to be. As it was promised to us so long ago. Our experience of the internet and its full promise can be delivered seamlessly, without any one company or platform coloring that experience. And it’s midwifed by the plain search engine that became its own verb.

Ah, finally.


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