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I was churning through my Gmail inbox last night looking for an old e-mail from 2007. In the process, I found some interesting pictures, e-mails from old loves and old friends, and this poem which I’d completely forgotten about until I saw it. It dates from around April 2006. It might have made it to Turboblues, and thematically it fits. Anyways, here you go. <br/><br/>In case you’re curious, her name was Danielle and she was also a writer. 

Glowing text
On a screen.
Various commentary
Back and forth. 

Why do I feel like
scorched earth springing green?

It’s just me, I know.
Too hopeful a human,
I cannot be complete
Without being completed.

Be careful fool.
This heart is
Surprisingly resilient,
But it tires
Of turning the other cheek
As you continually
Slap yourself.

But lord,
She is beautiful.


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