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Lightning and distant thunder underpin this night.
Slowly the world collapses from our sight….

Alone in bed but in bed together,
She in her frumpy comfies,
Me in my altogether
Never able to rest,
Her back against my chest
My hands a-wandering
onto and into and beside–

Untied and pushed aside
So she may sit astride me
And ride boldly ride
To the edge of the abyss
And fall into an ocean of bliss
While I lay as willing captive
Audience participating
For the rain to fall
Upon me warm and slick
From her sacred secret within–

A gasp, a clench and she falls
Into my waiting arms.
It’s hard but it’s softening
and all too often it’s
Not enough never enough
To have you like this,
Alone together in an ocean of bliss…

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