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Monthly Archives: March 2012

(This is one of the early pieces from when I started writing. The date is at the bottom from the paper itself. As the lyrics imply, this is a relic of another time. But it came up in conversation today, so I unearthed it, transcribed it tappity-tap, and here it is. I dropped it on the Basement Tapes blog as well (need to get back to that…). It’s here because, well, this one was right here handy. Love to you all madly.

P.S.: Yes, I did actually spell it Blooz. )

Don’t want me no Shakespeare,

Don’t want to do Hemingway,
Just gimme a six-pack of beer,
Watch the Sox at Fenway!

Oh yeah, my mind is strained and so confused.
No matter what topic I choose
I lose!
I got those Research Paper Blooz!

I got cigarette burns on my keyboard,
Stretch marks in my mind.
That paper’s due tomorrow lord,
I got three more sources to find!

Oh yeah!
Write it bit by bit.
Oh Lord,
Twenty pages of bullshit!
I got those Research Paper Blooz!

Aw man gimme that White Out!
Gimme that good paper baby,
None of that funky onion skin…
(More Instrumental…)
Pica and double-space baby,
Use up a whole page that way!

Gotta check my MLA,
Study Strunk & White.
Paper’s due yesterday,
Gonna start the work tonight!

Oh yeah,
Fill it up with quotes,
Oh God
Gimme my Cliff’s Notes!
‘Cause I got the Research Paper Blooz!