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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Today was overall a rotten day with people I don’t really like. Some people are cool, some not so much. And I have never felt so generally disrespected as I have today. And helpless too. Like I am stuck with no way out.

I have no one to tell who will listen so I tell you.


Zen is the reform version of Buddhism, really. Old Bodhidharma went to China because his home was too Hindu to hear the truth as he saw it. He was so hip on wall-staring, he cut away his eyelids, tossed them aside, they took root, and now we have tea. Who says only the west has wacky stories? Buddha came out of his mother’s side? What, you can’t go out the front door like everyone else?

So the selfish soul
Is really so much made-up stuff.

Smoke & mirrors.
Infinitely insubstantial.
Gotta get over it.

Why so blue?

There is no you, is no me,
Shed no tears,
We are really free
As we wanna be.