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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Gorgeous creations, these…

A tiny universe,
Iridescent hued
To doppler blue
Or red to pinkyellow
Depending on the light.
Wormhole funnels fall
Fiber-optic thin
In branches
To a hyperspace highway center.

Evil spirits
Don’t stand a chance
Against this sphere of glass…


Oh yes. The crush. Foolish, dreadful. I have one, you see.

Of course, she doesn’t know. I wish she did, and yet I don’t. Because she will not feel the same way. All the shes in my past, wonderful women all,…

Gee, yeah, they never feel the same way. Do they?

Do you know
I think of you
In my arms every night?
Save for your soft breath
And my thundering heart.

No one–
But us in the moment
Before that first
Tentative kiss.
Last barrier between us
And our passion.

I dream of you.
Do you know?
It’s in my eyes
Every time
I see you.

We could be
Happy together
If I could tell you.
If you knew.

But I know
This wonderful
Hopeful dream–
It would end.
My desire
Made laughingstock
By reality.

Ah yes dear boy.
Too old, too fat.
Too ugly–
Too late.

Whatever she loves,
It will never be you.